Web Hosting

Your website consists of text and pictures and needs to be saved on a server somewhere on the internet so that anybody can access it. Web hosting is where you pay an organisation to save or host your files for you. Generally the more you pay the better the performance of the hosting and the faster the pages will load.

Web hosting and page loading speeds are dependent on many factors – the web hosting company’s speed of connection to the internet,  the design of the website and any optimisation of the website. As you can imagine website speed optimisation is a highly complex and extensive subject. It is a well known fact that Google will score your site on page load times, so the quicker your website loads the higher up Google’s search rankings your website will feature. If you have more questions about optimising your website then please get in touch at support@ukwebtronics.com

UKWebtronics provide web hosting on Windows Server technology. We are a small business and pride ourselves on reliability. Our monitoring indicates that our hosting performance is 99.96% on average.

We know how important it is that small businesses can rely on the infrastructure, so we respect that by taking daily backups and ensure that strict configuration control, audit and security is exercised over all our hosting platforms.

Our web hosting starts from as little as £5.00 per month. Please get in touch to discuss further.