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UKWebtronics specialises in providing email hosting, especially for sole traders and micro-businesses, recognising how important email is to your business and thus ensuring that our service is 100% reliable. We use Microsoft Exchange server which enables us to support email on the following devices:

Android Tablet and Android Phone
Apple iPhone and iPad
Microsoft Windows using Microsoft Office Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird
Outlook Web Access from any web browser

Setting up your device is straight forward with our easy-to-follow instructions. Take a look at our Client Area for examples.

iPad email app

iPad email app

Our Economy web hosting package includes one mailbox, whilst our Premium hosting package provides multiple email mailboxes with the added benefit that if you run multiple accounts you can take advantage of Shared Folders, Calendars and Contacts. More information on our packages can be found on our Prices page. We also sell individual mailboxes if that is all you need.

We can integrate most existing email addresses you currently use (such as Hotmail, GMail, Apple iCloud, Yahoo, BT, Sky etc.)  by migrating your email to our mail server and loading your messages into your new mailbox.  You can then use your favourite device – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Outlook or web browser – to access your email and enjoy synchronised email across all devices.

The benefit of our hosted email is that we can match it to your domain name. If your website’s domain name is for example, we create your email address as This makes it easy for your customers to contact you and looks professional; you no longer have to advertise to your customers the Hotmail or GMail email address, even if, behind the scenes, you are still using it.

We sell additional licenses of Microsoft Outlook if you need them, and also support Thunderbird, an alternative to Outlook which works on a yearly subscription rather than an upfront purchase. If you already own and use Microsoft Outlook then you are ready to use our mailboxes.

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Microsoft Office Outlook

Another key benefit of our email hosting that is often overlooked, is access via a web browser. Perhaps you’re away from home, on holiday, or have forgotten your tablet or mobile phone. As long as you have access to the internet you can log in to your email via Outlook Web Access. We provide a link to our Outlook Web Access server from the UKWebtronics Client Area. From there you can access your emails by simply logging in with your email address and password.

Our mailboxes, with the help of your favourite email programe, provide more than just email:

Calendar – Day, week or month to a view calendar with built-in scheduling assistant to automate time-consuming calendar tasks.
Contacts – A comprehensive address book for recording customers, friends and family’s details such as phone numbers, addresses and any notes. Most devices, such as your Android tablet or iPhone, integrate your contacts with Facebook too.
Task Manager – Check your priorities for the day by looking at your To-Do List, where your flagged mails and tasks are clearly laid out.
Out of Office – if you’re going away and want customers to receive a message this can be setup.
Search – Within Microsoft Office Outlook you can quickly find e-mails, appointments, contacts or tasks with full-text searches by keyword, date or other criteria.